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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

WEA-RA 2009--Its almost time!

Woohoo, its almost time for WEA-RA 2009! I am so excited to be attending WEA-RA this year. The new idea to blog about the whole experience is a fabulous one! Hopefully I can add insight and perspective about the whole process for those who are new and for those who are at home wondering what is going on at WEA-RA. Thank you for the opportunity to be a blogger! Jennifer


  1. Jennifer, this is what I like to see! It will be great to have your insight and perspective at RA.

  2. Ok you do the nsight and perspective piece... I will do the other part... ummm can someone tell me again what the other part should be... well until I get clarification from the chair... I am just going to be as random as I can possibly be at 1 am on a school night!