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Friday, May 15, 2009

Sparks ribbons and other mini-musings

If you are a Spark or you know of Sparks in this room, send them to the A/V booth (front of the room in the far left by the camera) come claim your ribbon. If you were ever in Sparks (even in Arizona), you get the ribbon. Sparks is like Hotel California. You can check in any time you like but you can never leave.

Other notes: The shirts that are being worn aby host committee people have an interesting back story. If you notice, the color is institutional green but they were meant to be a richer green. Also, notice, that some of the trees on the shirts are upside down. The idea what a Hawaiin-type shirt but with a Northwest flavor. I do not think it worked. Weigh in.

Maureen Ramos is funny. She can always say whatever she wants to say in a way that makes people smile.

Does anyone know what the Lower Columbia t-shirts mean? Explan...the best of the west? The rest of the west?

Indoor Air Quality? My kid went to a school with a roof that leaked so badly, they had to mop the floor every hour during rain storms.

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  1. The "rest of the west" refers to what the areas outside of King/Snohomish counties are usually referred to when WEA does polling.