Friday, May 15, 2009

...join WEA retired? but I'm not retired yet!

One of the opportunities we have while at RA is to visit a variety of booths and displays. Some booths sell jewelry, makeup or services. Other booths have an informational purpose. On my way into the first session last night I stopped at the WEA retired booth with my hotel roomie so she could grab her WEA retired ribbon. The nice man staffing the booth asked if I were a member yet- I was surprised to be asked. He continued on to tell me that WEA retired is not just for retired members! I grabbed a few informational fliers and promised to report back later to sign up (which I will do today).

So here is a little info (from the fliers) about WEA Retired:
WEA Retired and NEA Retired are current and former WEA and NEA active members who have banded together to achieve improvements in retirement benefits as well as to stay involved in supporting public education. WEA Retired has its own elected officers and board of directors; its own annual meeting;and also elects delegates to the WEA and NEA RA's. WEA retired has representation on the WEA and NEA Board of Directors.

Your membership allows you to continue receiving these benefits
  • WEA calendar book
  • WEA attorney referral service
  • publications
  • various NEA insurances
  • various NEA investment opportunities
  • WEA/NEA liability insurance should you substitute

The cost for membership is reasonable. A lifetime membership for a pre-retired or retired member is $350. I know a big chunk at once, but if your district is like mine you'll be able to sign up for payroll deduction and pay $35 a month for 10 months and be done with it! I would encourage all members to check out the WEA/NEA Retired website for more information (I have barely scratched the surface, believe me).

You can click here to find out more:

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