Saturday, May 16, 2009

Jay Inslee

Congressman Jay Inslee speaks to the delegation after a very warm introduction from Mary Lindquist and an appreciative reception from the delegation floor.

He came out excited about the work that has been done in D.C. such as Passing into law: a bill that secures that women are entitled equal pay for equal work, passed the S-Chip bill to bring health care to 7 million children, and an Energy core bill to help students find an education in trades that work on finding clean energy solutions, and a stimulus bill that includes 1.4 billion dollars for education.

Congressman Inslee then presented: What the nation can do, what educators can do and what Congressman Inslee will pursue and do.

Nationally Congressman Inslee stated that it starts with the "National and State Leaders need{ing} to stop allowing people to bad mouth teachers" and recognizing that "Teachers are the solution not the problem".

He then presented that teachers need to not stop fighting but start fighting in order to keep hope alive.

As for Congressman Inslee, he believes that we need to "let teachers teach". He hopes to do this in several ways. First, by bringing changes to federal laws which would fund education fully by "getting funding" from rolling back the tax rate of people who make over $200,000 per year. Secondly, add flexibility to the ESEA Act. Thirdly, promote that one of the principle components of education needs to include a higher critical order of thinking - not just rote memorization. Fourthly, understand and recognize that there is a social interaction that creates a gateway to helping children learn. Next, to not allow electives to go by the wayside. Also he explained that nationally we need to expand the debt relief for young teachers. Lastly, Congressman Inslee wishes to bring mentors alongside all new teachers.

Congressman Inslee ended his address with this thought:
In these moments of despair - we should be committed even more to bring change. Change that positively impacts education.

Thank You Congressman for your thoughts and proposed actions.

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