Saturday, May 16, 2009

Stand by me

Well, the WEA Representative Assembly is just about over for another year. Unity, community and opportunity!

Good Night and Good Luck

Meeting is now adjourned 6:03 p.m. have a great year and we'll see some at NEA-RA and some back at WEA-RA - in 2010.

Resolution Passed

No challenge to the chair... passes with a spread of about 30...

What next...

If someone from the floor disagrees... can he/she call division from the floor being the count was called from the President?

Conga line

This meeting should be adjourned..........

Pole Dancing

with singles in the belt.....i'm embarresed to be here!


Seriously, a beach ball? This is a professional business meeting. So many cry to be treated as a professional, act like one.