Saturday, May 16, 2009

Permanent Principles

WEA-PAC Chair Mary Linquist presented to the WEA-PAC delegation that... "We exist to elect Pro-Educational candidates" and "drive through" Legislation that supports our students need. She was unapologetic about the idea that sometimes we need to elect candidates we need and un-elect we don't.

With 23,000+ WEA PAC members and a last years goal of 40,000 - there was no disappointment but a honest agenda that supports the belief that we will get there, but as of now will not set a state-wide goal but rather focus on a realistic and ambitious goal for each local, set by the locals.

All in all - it can be said that in politics there are no permanent partners, no permanent relationships - but Permanent Principles. So now we move on and continue our business of achieving fully funding of Education in order to provide quality education to the students of Washington State.

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