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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dinner @ Wild Sage American Bistro

My friends and I walked over to the Wild Sage American Bistro yesterday during our dinner break and had a lovely dinner. My halibut was crusted with quinona atop a serving of Israili couscous. The wild arugala salad had a citronella dressing. My friends had the veal Marsalla with morels which they thoroughly enjoyed and one plans to try to replicate at hope in the near future (except that they will wash the morels better than the chef did last night!). It was worth the 15 block walk although I was glad to catch the shuttle halfway back to the convention center or I might have been late for the evening session.

The band last night was lively and the crowd was more fun than I encounter at the Democratic Party Convention which I attended here last summer, I even got up and danced a couple of times! Having voted this morning I am now headed back in to the floor of the convention. Still impressed with the organization and planning which is quite evident in this, my first RA.

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