Saturday, May 16, 2009

To support Peace or not???

I don't know - I got twisted up in the debate last year and I'm not loving it this year either.  I'm not sure how supporting peace = not supporting our military???  I think the military would support a motion to support peace :-)  


  1. I didn't vote for it - I'm still not sure how it all plays out??

  2. I was quite surprised by this vote against endorsing peace. A man behind me suggested there might be more support for an endorsement of war. I did not see a statement supporting peace as controversial but it certainly was. I thought it was support for our military. Who wants peace more than a soldier in the field?

  3. I DID vote for it and I was aghast at how many delegates interpreted "peaceful solutions" as "unpatriotic." Doesn't every soldier, sailor, Marine, & airman want peace, especially if they are engaged in war? I've read lots of historical interviews w/ soldiers & veterans and the consensus of most of them is: "Let's get this over because we have to in order to get home again."