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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thoughts as I pack

Today was hectic as I wrapped up stuff at school and prepped the students and my assistant for my absences and my substitute. I've just begun inventory in the library, and as much as I'm looking forward to being in Spokane for RA, I am also ready to just dive into this year-end activity.

1. Sub plans written, posted & printed - CHECK
2. WEA-PAC forms filled out & packed - CHECK
3. Information packet with ID packed - CHECK
4. Clothes washed, folded & packed - Working on it
5. Toys & treats gathered & packed - Working on it
6. Arrangements made for kitties & home - Almost done
7. Technology gathered & packed - Working on it (much more complicated than it has been in the past!)

The dryer stopped its cycle, so I've got to sign off and finish up packing. I'll watch to see who wins/becomes a finalist on America's Next Top Model and American Idol tonight. I'll have to check Facebook at least once more before I pack this baby for the trip. We're leaving for Spokane at 8:30 tomorrow morning. R A here we come!


  1. I might have to use your list, it seems more extensive then mine :-)

    Good luck getting altogether - I'm off to do the same!

  2. See you in Spokane!